NorthEast Region 

Each Tour Stop match will consist of 12 members from each franchise. 6 scratch members (3 on a lane vs 3 scratch members from opposing franchise) and 6 handicap bowlers (3 on a lane vs 3 from opposing franchise)

Handicap division the handicap is based off 90% of 240

Top 6 teams (3 from each conference) will make the playoffs

Cost is $40 each tour stop.

a)      Each pair will be able to win up to 35 points for their team.  Points will be given for head to head wins, team total wins and a sweep.

  1. 1 point will be given for each individual game win. 2 points given for each individual series win
  2. 1 point will be given for each team game series win. 2 points will be given for overall 3 game series win totaling 20 points per team.
  3. You can earn 5 points for the baker team game win.
  4. You will get a 5 point bonus if you sweep your competition on your pair.
  5. 2 Handicap teams will bowl (Any mix of bowlers from the 4 divisions) and 2 scratch teams      ( Any mix of scratch bowlers from the 2 scratch divisions)
  6. 140 points max can be won in a team rankings match. Any team not having a legal line up (2 members) will forfeit all their points.
  7. If you do not have a full team you will use a 125 blind score (225 with handicap) . Blind scores are eligible to win points – You will only win the blind point if

a)      The blind score is higher than the opposing players score.

b)      AND your team wins the games series

Opposing teams must beat the blind score to win their point. If the player does not beat the blind and the opposing team does not win series the point goes to no one. The blinds series total can be won if the blind series is higher than the opposing players series AND your team wins team total.

b)      We will have a tour stop the 3rd Sunday of each month unless otherwise stated on our website.  First match will be in August and last one will be in June.

c)      Stops will start at each designated time.


1. Last Year’s Federation Average of 9 or more games – This will be used for the first 9 games 
2. Highest Yearbook average of 21 or more games from previous season – This will be used for the first 9 games 
3. Those without either will establish a NEW average each event for the first 3 events they bowl in. The 4th event will be a composite of their first 3 events.