The Bowling Federation By-laws – Mid Atlantic Region

Rev.  10.27.18

The Bowling Federation is devoted to giving bowlers of all skill levels a taste of competitive team bowling. Competitive team bowling is bowling at its truest form that all bowlers should experience. Giving bowlers competitive, fun, unintimidating environments to experience; this is what the Federation is all about. If you have ever been around college team bowling you know the center is electric, and that excitement is what we are striving for.


Membership Eligibility

Membership in The Bowling Federation is open to all current USBC Standard Membership cardholders, and is secured by joining, or forming, a Federation Franchise.  The purchase of your first jersey includes your membership fee to the Bowling Federation for the current season.  Every season after, each bowler must pay $10 to remain eligible for Federation competition.  Youth bowlers are not eligible for Bowling Federation competition.  Jersey purchases made during the off season, do cover the membership fee for the upcoming season.   


Membership Season

The 18-19 Bowling Federation membership season consists of 10 regular season monthly matches from September to June, followed by playoffs in July.


Membership Fees

Membership allows Federation members to participate in all certified sanctioned and non-sanctioned events.

All Bowling Federation membership fees must be paid prior to participating.

Federation membership fees include:

Payment of $650 (U.S. dollars) per franchise using the online membership program. This provides membership for a twelve-person franchise roster.

Payment of $60 (U.S. dollars) per member for anyone beyond a roster of twelve when using the online membership program.  This includes the fee for the current bowling season.


Franchise Fee is $10 per bowler, per year.

A franchise will be disqualified from an event if it uses a non-certified participant



Regions will contain no more than 6 districts.



Each district is allowed a maximum of 13 regional franchises. Districts will be realigned as growth or distance requires.  In case of realignment, every effort will be made to maintain existing competitive relationships and avoid undue burden on any franchise.


Franchise Ownership

To become a Bowling Federation franchise owner you must complete the application for membership or create a franchise online through, or in person at any BowlersMart location.

The Franchise Owner will submit a roster listing each member of the team and pay the required fees.

Franchise owners are in complete control of the functions of their franchise and are ultimately responsible for franchise compliance with Federation rules and requirements.


Matches / Tournaments / Events

All team matches and tournaments will start at the designated time.

Bowlers or teams who are not ready or checked in at the start of competition will receive a 0 score for any frames that are missed.  For team competitions, a Blind may be used at 190 with no handicap and bakers score will be 9/ 9/ 9/ and cannot be the anchor bowler.  When a team bowls unopposed the team must bowl within 10 pins per bowler or 30 pins of the team avg.

Bowling Federation tournaments/events will be posted on Facebook.


Regional Tour


Tour matches will cost $40 per bowler per match.

All Regional Tour Matches will be a 3 game set, followed by 3 Team Baker games.

Each franchise will supply 4 Teams of Trios.  2 Handicap teams and 2 scratch teams.

One Scratch and one Handicap Substitute is allowed per Match.

In the event a team is bowling unopposed, the team must bowl within 10 pins per bowler of their average.

Baker handicap will be team handicap divided by 3.

Each Tour Match will allow the 4 teams to win up to 40 points for their franchise.  Points will be given for team game wins, team series wins, team Baker wins and a sweep.

  • point will be earned for each standard game win. (4 teams x 3 games x 1 point = 12 Max)
  • points will be earned for each standard series win. (4 teams x 2 points = 8 Max)

Consequently, 20 points are available per team for the 3 game set. (5 per trio)

  • point will be earned for each Bakers competition game win. (4 teams x 3 games x 1 point = 12 Max)
  • points will be earned for each Bakers competition series win. (4 teams x 2 points = 8 Max)

Consequently, 20 points are available per team Bakers 3 game set. (5 per trio)

5 BONUS points will be earned if you sweep your competition across all 6 games on all 4 pairs.


We will have 1 tour stops per calendar month, on Sundays.  Byes will be used to balance the schedule so that every team has 9 matches, and 1 Bye.  Every team gets a home house stop.

Regional Tour Stops will start at either 9 AM or NOON, with 30 minute check in windows.


Blind Scores

If you do not have a full team you will use a 190 blind score with no handicap.  During Bakers competition, that bowler will be awarded for every 3rd frame.   No more than one blind score can be used for any trio team and the blind cannot be a Bakers leadoff/anchor. Blinds MUST BE PAID IN FULL.


Baker Competition

The following guidelines must be adhered to for baker scoring.

A team that bowls a Baker System 300 game is eligible to receive a Federation award. Each member is eligible for one award per season.

ABC Secretary Emeritus Frank Baker developed the Baker format. In this format, the leadoff bowler rolls the first, fourth, seventh and tenth frames, the second player rolls the second, fifth and eighth frames, the third player rolls the third, sixth and ninth frames.



All Bowling Federation events, tournaments, or matches will get 15 minutes of practice.

Franchises may practice up to 4 bowlers per pair.


Lane Courtesy

To maintain a steady pace and keep on schedule one lane courtesy is observed.  Only bowlers in competition or team officials may enter the pit area.

Tournament manager reserves the right to warn teams delaying the pace.

The First offense is a warning.

On the Second offense the team will receive a zero for all frames left in the game.

After the Third offense the team will be removed from the event.

Taunting, heckling, or other distracting behavior will result in a warning.  After the warning, if the opposing team or tournament director continues to observe the same behavior, the bowler will be removed from competition, and will not be eligible for the next Regional Tour stop.  The bowler will receive a 190 blind and will not be refunded entry fee, or any bracket or pot money the bowler has invested in that stop.



Each bowler is allowed one re-rack per game.  During Bakers competition, each team is allowed one re-rack per game.  Violators will receive a zero for the frame. Federation management may grant additional re-racks due to pinsetter issues.


Altering Ball Surfaces

Per USBC rules altering surfaces of bowling balls are prohibited during play.

The ball altered will be removed from competition.

Intentional violation will result in forfeiture of game or frame (Bakers), that the violation occurred.

The use of cleaners with the USBC Approved Anytime logo is allowed, per USBC rules.


Score Verification

Franchise owners, team captains and members are responsible for score verification. Any changes or protests must be made before the end of the competition.



The Federation will use a true composite average of the last 2 years.  If no average is available on, we will use a current league average with more than 21 games.  If a bowler has an established Federation average from the previous season, it will be used for the current season.

The Federation reserves the right to adjust or re-rate the average of any bowler at any time.

In the event that a USBC average isn’t available, the member will bowl scratch (240) and establish an average after 6 games are reached.


Handicap will be set at 80% of 240.

After 6 games, bowlers will establish a Federation average and that average will be maintained throughout the season.

There will be a no pin-drop rule in effect.  The composite average will be considered the floor for all averages, including those carried over from the previous season.  This means if a bowler’s composite is higher than their previous years federation average, the composite will be used.


Franchise Uniforms

Each member must wear an official Bowling Federation jersey with their nickname in order to bowl regional tour matches and other Federation events. .

There are no restrictions on branding or logos for other clothing or accessories worn during competition.

You are not permitted to bowl without your official Bowling Federation jersey. Any team allowing any member to bowl without their jersey will forfeit all points for the match unless the official at the event has agreed to waive the requirement due to extenuating circumstances.


Team Rosters

Rosters are mixed and may contain up to 40 Adult bowlers, with no average requirement.

If a bowler is removed from a roster, to make room for another member, that bowler is ineligible for the Regional Tour for the following 3 stops for that team.  The ineligible bowler may leave their team for another team during this period and be eligible immediately.


If a bowler quits a team they must sit a 3 stop penalty period.

A member suspended from membership in USBC shall be ineligible to participate in all Federation events.

The use of an ineligible or suspended member shall result in a forfeit of any event in which the member was used.

Protests and appeals must be in writing stating the grounds for the appeal or protested item in question.  Digital correspondence is acceptable.

If an ineligible member is used in competition the team will receive no points and the team’s points will be recalculated. The team is also not eligible to win baker points or bonus points of any kind.



Member Status Changes

A franchise member’s status can be changed from Active to released, on a franchise roster, by the Franchise Owner or Federation staff.

Franchise members are considered Free Agents during the off-season, and may change franchises at any time during those months, without requesting to be released.  Bowlers must inform Federation staff of this request.

Franchise members who decide to quit their franchise without being released, outside of the Free Agency period, will be ineligible for Bowling Federation competition for 3 months. Suspension begins the date their resignation from the franchise is made official.

If a franchise Disbands, everyone on that franchise becomes a Free Agent, no matter the time of year.

If a member is released by their team owner or president, and wants to join another franchise, the member may do so with no penalty.  This includes mid-season changes of status by a team owner or president.


Playoff Eligibility

A bowler must have a minimum of 2 regular season stops during current season to be eligible for playoffs.

Any bowler added to a team after stop #8 will not be eligible for playoffs, although they will be eligible to bowl remaining regular season stops.


Franchise Disbanding

If the members are generally dissatisfied with franchise ownership or captains and 75% of the franchise decides to disband to form their own franchise it can be allowed if it passes a majority vote from the remaining regional franchise owners.

Franchises that resign from the Regional Tour due to disbanding will be responsible for their portion of the prize fund or until another franchise takes its place in the Regional Tour.

If the prize fund is not current, the disbanded franchise’s members will be banned until the prize fund is brought current, or another franchise takes its place in the Regional Tour.


Federation Tournament Directors reserve the right to extend team fees when necessary and recuperate them from the season’s prize fund money.

If another franchise joins the region and wishes to replace a franchise that has resigned, they may do so.  Franchises will pay the remaining balance of the prize fund and lineage.  The new teams entering points will be based on team membership.  If 50% of the old franchise comprise the new team, they will take over the point total of the old team.  If the new team is brand new, they will enter with an equal number of points to the last place team in the tour.   


Physical Altercations

The Bowling Federation observes a zero-tolerance for fights that occur at Bowling Federation events.  The following guidelines are in effect at all Bowling Federation events, tournaments, and matches:

  1. If a report is filed, police are called, or the Federation is under scrutiny from the public due to the incident, the Federation will investigate the situation internally and all parties involved will be ineligible for competition until a resolution is reached.
  2. Anyone found to initiate physical contact (aggressor) will be suspended for no less than 3 months.
  3. Anyone found to provoke physical contact (instigator) will be placed on probation for no less than 3 months, or suspended for no less than 1 month, depending on the situation.
  4. Anyone found to be aiding or abetting an aggressor or instigator will be placed on probation for no less than 1 month, or apologize to all parties involved.

Any violation of this section of the By Laws, by a member on probation for violation of this section, will result in a minimum 3 month suspension, and maximum of permanent loss of membership eligibility.

Any disciplinary actions that result from a violation of this section of the By Laws is attached to the member and the member is ineligible to be a Free Agent, even if their team disbands.



Intellectual Property

Franchise logos and art provided by the Bowling Federation are the property of Bowling Federation.

Franchise owners are permitted to use their logos and art for marketing of tournaments, events, and matches.

Franchise owners are prohibited from using their logos and art on apparel, without express permission from Bowling Federation.