If you are an existing team and would like to have an alternate design made, then you will have to purchase at least 6 Jerseys at $325 in order to have an alternate design made. Please fill out the following spreadsheet: Federation Existing Team Spreadsheet.

click to download spreadsheet

We ask that you use shutterstock.com to get your ideas. We will not accept hand-drawn pictures or google images.

You will receive 3 virtuals of the design and after the 3rd revision, a charge of $65 will be applied for additional virtuals. Please make sure you look at these mock-ups very carefully and get all your changes put in.

After the design is approved, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for production time.

Franchise Name

Region *


Please download, fill out, and submit the spreadsheet in the description.

(max file size 50 MB)

Shutterstock Image Numbers

Please provide the image numbers for the alternate design. This could be images, specific colors, or backgrounds that you find on Shutterstock.com.

Additional Notes

Please include anything else you want us to know about this new design in this area.